Monday, August 19, 2013

Packing Update

At this time next week we will have left this house for the last time and will be at our new house getting situated.  It's hard to imagine.  We spent the weekend packing and faced up that classic American dilemma...having so much crap that it almost brings a person to tears because it is so overwhelming.  Among the crap...four huge hockey size duffel bags filled with Justin's old clothes from high school that he never takes the time to sort through, stacks and stacks of greeting cards, invitations and other memorabilia that have grown so backlogged that I don't even know where to start organizing them, law school books and study material that probably weighs in total more than I do right now (no small number) and this garbage (by garbage I mean junk and not anything that is actually going in the garbage where it probably belongs)...

I think every household has the obsolete cords and internet accessories somewhere.  I don't even know what is what with this stuff anymore.  I would imagine there are a few "Ethernet" cords like the one I used in college ten years ago. 

I decided to tackle a few kitchen cupboards and ended up with a mountain of plastic mugs and cups, both insulated and not.  Most of them were free, a souvenir from a party, or part of a drink special in college.  I decided not to waste a box on something with no risk of breaking and no need for gentle treatment and shoved them in a trash bag.  It's tempting to put it where it belongs but for now it is in the garage. 
On the bright side, we actually found both of the shower curtains we own which were not needed in this house but will be needed in the next house.  It is always a pleasant surprise when the impossible happens.  I haven't seen those curtains in four years. 
I snuck a little Tonka truck out of one of the several large totes of Justin's childhood toys that we have harboring and gave it to Ben.  It is a hit.  He has been carrying it around with him everywhere. 

He has been a monster all weekend.  He is in a major fit throwing phase and spends most of his waking hours whining and throwing tantrums about everything.  He has figured out that putting shoes on means going outside so he has started trying to put his own shoes on but can't really do it and when he fails he throws a fit.  It has already happened several times today.  Over the weekend we ate at Pizza Ranch and there were lots of little kids there and he threw his sippy cup and it hit a little girl in the foot and she started crying.  That was awesome.  He wasn't aiming but it was still embarrassing.  I love bringing him to the Y because he is always happy and fun there and they say how nice he is all the time.  I'm glad someone sees his good side.

He should be happy...we try to do fun things with him!  He has it pretty good! 

I brought him to get a new ball to replace the one I negligently destroyed.

I took him to a fun pool and splash pad and forgot to bring him a dry diaper and clothes so he got to ride home and run around the street like this!  That "newspaper" he is reading is the weekly bundle of ads and coupons we get tossed on our driveway.
I let him eat crappy hot dogs most days while I eat nutritious home grown vegetables and healthy protein based meals that he likes to sneer at and spit out.  At least he eats some antioxidant rich berries to counteract the endless list of grossness in the hot dogs.  That makes it better, right?  RIGHT?  Please validate me...haha... 
I hope he gets over it because we've got work to do around here that can't be done with a whiny little toddler hanging on my legs.

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