Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Countdown

Yesterday I realized, as I was giving Ben a bath, that we have less than a month left in this house.  Ben has less than twenty baths left here!  Only a few more lawn mows, a few more grocery shopping trips, a few more bathroom cleans, a few more...well let's get real...probably no more household dusting sessions until the day we pack.  I am having a lot of mixed emotions and it is hard to put them all into words but I think about it a lot.  This house is really special to us and we left touches everywhere and I believe that we have left it better than it was when we moved in.  And it's just so cute...every time I drive up the driveway I feel attached and I wish it didn't have to ever belong to someone else. 
Also, I am intimidated by the actual move, the packing, and how we have to close on both houses on the same day.  Not only do we have to be out of this place but it will have to be somewhat clean!  And who knows what is going to happen with Allan.   He will have no idea what is going on!  I hope I am able to process the emotional part of it before that day.
I addition to saying goodbye to this house there is another goodbye in the works.  Back at the farm, my parents are building a new house with plans to tear down the house I grew up in since I was in second grade. 

It is going up behind the old house and I am 99% happy about it because it has been a long time coming.  The old house doesn't have good climate control (no AC!) and is just really really old with problems that would be prohibitive to fix.  They have been in this process for a few years and not that it is happening I think about how many more times I will stay in my own room and how weird it is that my kids won't remember the old house.  At least it is on the same location so it won't be a major upheaval.  It's going to be strange emptying out the old place though.  There is ALOT of crap in that house, four full floors of crap, many of it belonging to me!  Yikes!
It's all a lot to process.  I am dealing with it by thinking about these rooms in the new house whenever I get frustrated by this house (and then I feel bad for feeling negative about this poor house and how I will miss it!). 
Loading Image
This is the master bathroom with it's two fabulous sinks!  I never imagined I would get a bathroom like this when we talked about moving!  The thought of being able to use a hot styling tool without the cord sweeping around and knocking everything over makes me so happy!  Heeeheeheee!

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