Monday, December 3, 2012

What Has My Life Become?

I was at the Y recently, and I went to the magazine table to choose something to read on the elliptical machine.  The magazines are discarded issues that people leave behind when they are done with them.  I myself often bring a stack to share.  The pile changes often and you never know what will be there.  On this particular day, two magazines caught my eye...

This fairly current Cosmo, which for years in high school and college and beyond was a favorite magazine to share and giggle over. It came on bus rides to basketball games in high school, was a regular break time indulgence (along with every trashy tabloid we could get) for bored and overheated lifeguards and was easy to locate in a dorm or college apartment. 

The other magazine was this Christmas issue of Good Housekeeping.  Yes, the magazine for busy moms and homemakers on the go that is filled with articles about household finances and recipes and anti-frump makeovers.  The kind of issue with real life Christmas miracle stories about a couple who finds an abandoned puppy on their front step after getting bad news from their fertility doctors that a baby might not be possible and neighbors who come to the rescue with Christmas dinner and decorations when a family's house gets damaged in a storm (tears welling up in my eyes as I write this...).  I instinctively reached for the Christmas issue and then thought to myself..."No, Mrs. Lame!  You are young and cool!  You want the Cosmo!"  I ended up taking the Cosmo and during the whole routine I was wishing I had the Good Housekeeping! 
Haha...I guess I'm a mom now!  Although, I admit that I was mostly drawn to the Good Housekeeping issue because it was Christmas related.  I love gift guides and decorating ideas and cookie recipes and all things Christmas. 
I must note...I don't know why the text in that one paragraph is underlined and blue.  It seems to be included in the graphic box of the picture and I can't select it to change it.


K.K. said...

LOL! I find myself thinking that Cosmo is to scandilous now! I used to scoop that magazine up the moment it hit the shelves, now I find that I almost blush when I read the cover...haha!

Maren said...

Haha I know...when I read it at the gym and I always worry that the retired people that are there in the morning will see the smutty articles I am reading!