Friday, December 7, 2012

Royal Baby

I'm sure you heard the news that those royals William and Catherine are having a baby!  Being American, this really doesn't mean anything for my life but I think modern day royalty is pretty interesting, especially after visiting various palaces when I was studing abroad and learning about the current princes and princesses and their defiance of tradition by marrying common people (the crown prince of Norway married a very beautiful single mother and the crown prince of Denmark married an Australian daughter of a teacher and homemaker).  Those royals don't get the American tabloid attention the way the British ones do, though.  And I admit, I love Kate Middleton.  Through the years when she and William dated I admired her fashion choices and how she never did anything dumb for the cameras to catch.  And of course the wedding was wonderful. 

As soon as the rumors started about her being pregnant I was interested but tried not to believe it until it was confirmed by someone other than an old anonymous boarding school friend.  Now it is true for sure!  Although, I feel bad for her because she is feeling so crappy and had to go to the hospital.  I truly can't imagine because I was not even slightly nauseous while pregnant and definitely didn't have any problems eating to nourish the baby.  And if I had these problems no one would be stalking the hospital trying to take my picture. 

It will be fun to share my baby and pregnancy years with William and Kate just like my mom did back in the 80's with Charles and Diana.  I can't wait to see her maternity fashions and of course learn the choice for the baby's multiple names.  And it could be twins!

I just realized that it is Ben's 9 month birthday today!  What is worth mentioning at 9 months?

-He is the slowest teether ever, with the two on the bottom fully in since he was 6 months old...and that's it.  Two teeth.  I have read on Babycenter about babies having 8 teeth by now but not here. 

-He is getting close to walking I think and can navigate a room by cruising furniture. 

-He is wearing a combination of 9 and 12 month clothes but could probably wear 6 month clothes if they were long enough since he is really skinny.  The rolly poly baby I dreamed about is nowhere to be seen but I can't imagine him any other way. 

-He gets now gets mad if you take an off limits item away.  So he is usually mad, since all he wants are items that are off limits.  Right now he is yelling because I stopped him from ripping up and eating the list of things to pack for this weekend and then I barricaded him from lunging at the computer and pulling it off my lap to chew on it.  I am so mean.  He looooves paper for some reason...ripping it, eating it, everything about it.  Very annoying.

-He is sleeping all night again after that several week long ear infection mess. 

-He still prefers not to be fed anything with a spoon which is a huge frustration for me.  He ate Cheerios for the first time yesterday and enjoyed them.  I am glad to have another food to give him. 

-He loves to trash my bookshelf.  I just let it happen and put the books back since they are not dangerous.  If he starts ripping out pages to eat they will have to be moved.

Happy 9 month birthday Mr. Paper Eater!

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