Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

This year is different than years past because our Christmas tree is not set up.  It usually would be set up as soon as possible after Thanksgiving.  And here it is, almost a week after Thanksgiving...and I just...can' done.  I think about it all the time when I look at the empty corner of the living room and wish for a baby free evening to get out the decorations and put on a Christmas movie and get it done.  The decorations are buried at the back of our storage space and blockaded with a whole bunch of crap and Justin  is gone until 9:00 every night and won't be home early until Thursday.  And also, the Halloween stuff is still out, which is sooo not my style! 
I have been waiting to try a camera tecnique I learned from (where else?)  Pinterest that makes Christmas lights look very twinkly.  I was able to try it over the weekend at my parents' house, where I was able to partake in the (almost) yearly ritual of decorating.  I enjoy decorating there almost more than I do at my own house because it is fun to see the childhood decorations come out of the boxes.  I have some of my favorite ornaments now but there are many decorations left there including our stockings and the Avon nativity in the manger my Dad built in the 80s and the baby Jesus with a glued on arm. 
To take this photo you need to set the camera to a very slow shutter speed and a low aperature, both which allow lots of light to enter the camera lens.  You also need a tripod or some sort of stand (I used an ottoman stacked with boxes and books) because with such a slow shutter it is inevitable that the picture will blur from your hands shaking, even if you are trying to be very still.  Then it is best to set the timer so you are not moving the camera at all.  Then turn off all the lights except the tree. 
Isn't it beautiful?  This picture is the wallpaper on all of my electronics right now!  To say I am pleased with myself is an understatement!  The only problem is that you can see the blurred edge of my makeshift tripod at the bottom and some boxes off to the right. 

Close up...

Just for are a few old tree pictures I have...

Hmmm...I like this new method...
Here is one of the exact same tree taken last year on Christmas day with my new camera which has been a very useful gift!  Its a but better but still not as good! 
I tried to capture the glow of the lighted garland and stockings but it didn't work as well...too much light from the other rooms in the house and I was too lazy to set up stand.   

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