Monday, December 17, 2012

Another Season...

Another football season has come to an end...except for the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP IN FRISCO!!  AGAIN!  Awww yeahhhhh..our plans are made, tickets obtained, rooms booked for the second North Dakota takeover of Frisco, TX.  Stock up on alcohol and food, Frisco, because we are coming back!  And this year, have some extra beer because I will be there not pregnant! 
What a fun season it has been.  In addition to the six regular season home games, we got to have three additional home playoff games and all the tailgating equipment got good use.  I was sad after the game on Friday, even though I was so happy about the win, knowing it was being packed up until next fall.  There will be tailgating in Frisco, of course, but the trunk of a rental car is not the same as the full set up! 
The game was absolutely nauseating and one of those events that makes you have a physical reaction (butterflies, shaking knees, tense shoulders).  I could barely think of an equal experience and the closest I came for myself personally was the region finals game that came before the state tournament in girls high school basketball (we won, once back in 1995, and again in 2000).  Class B state basketball is some high stakes business.  That full stadium made an atmosphere that was way more intense than those high school tournaments. 
Here are a few tailgating pictures from the last few weekends. 


This last one makes me laugh...I brought my cameral into one game and was messing around with my zoom lens and rapid shooting feature.  I was trying to follow the ball...

The play they ran completely fooled me, as you can see...there is no ball in his arm!  Haha!  I am gullible!

I admit it is a relief not to have to orchestrate another weekend of tailgating and game watching with a baby.  Lugging all that crap around was getting old, and the weather has been too cold for me to feel good about having Ben out there even with our tents and outdoor heaters.  I saw the extended forecast last night on the news and immediately looked at the temperature for Saturday and then realized that I don't care if the high that day is only going to be 15 degrees!  I won't be outside! 

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