Wednesday, December 5, 2012

First Ear Infection

So...I haven't gone into many details but since the week of Thanksgiving Ben has been more crabby than pleasant and has been sleeping pretty bad.  Over Thanksgiving he slept about three hours one night and refused to go to sleep until 2 a.m. another night. He has a fever on and off.  His "sleeping through the night" has been inconsistent and last weekend when we were in Fargo for the playoff game he had a fever on Saturday and once again slept really bad.  I have been thinking this has been because of teething.  The Wednesday before Thanksgiving I noticed alot of wax in his ear in the morning that hadn't been there after his bath the night before and when I tried to clean it he kept hitting my hand away.  I thought it might be an ear infection so I brought him to the doctor and she said it was not infected but just had alot of buildup of wax. 

Well, yesterday was his routine 9 month appointment and guess what? He has an ear infection! I feel terrible that this has been going on for this long. He most likely had it when we went in before Thanksgiving. Blah. At least he has some medicine now. We get to administer it twice a day for ten days. Yikes. This should be fun! He had two doses yesterday and slept for 9 hours last night. I am always amazed at how fast antibiotics start working. I always wondered if it was partially related to the placebo effect but I don't think that applies to babies!

I finally set up the tree but haven't had a chance to do the Pinterest photography trick yet.  Ben is kind of interested in it but it hasn't; been too bad.  He keeps trying to pull the lights with the large bulbs off but hasn't been very successful.  I put the baby friendly ornaments on the bottom. 

Allan is still a tree fiend just like previous years. 
For some reason he loves to gnaw on the branches.  It is really weird. 

Naughty kitten!

Here are the two brothers playing with a candy cane wrapper.  You can't really see it but they were playing tug of war with it at one point! 

More play time. 
I tried to take some pretty pictures of Ben by the tree using my timer but it is impossible with him.  He won't sit still.  Here are a few of my fails. 

You weren't supposed to see my hands holding him!

He was supposed to stand back and balance on his toy basket but instead went straight for the camera...

I give up!

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