Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Cousin

I should have put this on here yesterday...Ben has a new cousin.  She is the daughter of Justin's step sister and she was born on Monday.  I guess she just missed the much desired 12-12-12 birthday!  Her name is Adalyn Brielle and she is so cute!  After seeing these pictures Ben told me he wants a sister!  Haha...OK Buddy...we'll see...
Welcome little baby! 
Speaking of baby girls, Ben has some girlfriends at the Y.  When I picked him up yesterday he was crawling around the room and two toddler girls were trailing around after him.  When I was bundling him up to go they stood by us and one of them tried to follow us out the door!  It was cute.  I love how kids who are babies themselves love babies.  I often hear toddler age kids saying "baby!" when we walk by.  Never mind that "baby" is probably only a few months younger then them! 

I feel like I need to do something memorable so I always can remember 12-12-12.  4-4-04 was my 21st birthday!  I don't remember much about 11-11-11 and 1-11-11 was my brothers birthday but I didn't do anything special.  My mom remembers working at a summer job at a store on 7-7-77.  On 9-9-99 I'm sure I did something boring like went to school and basketball practice.  Today I am going to buy stamps for Christmas cards and maybe even send them!  And I'm going to buy formula!  Excellent.  Now I will have this entry to mark this day when I look back.

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