Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Time

I don't have much time to write right now, but I had to add a few pictures from yesterday. 
We took Ben to see Santa at the mall last night!  I think he's a pretty good one!  Real beard and everything!  Ben didn't fuss or cry, which was kind if dissapointing!  Haha...We bought the cheapest photo package they had and of course scanned it.  He said he wanted some obsolete cell phones, a toilet brush, cat toys and a magazine to rip to shreds and eat piece by piece. 
Yesterday it was a winter wonderland around here.  We woke up to fresh snow and it kept falling all morning.  There was no wind so it was like a snow globe and the trees looked white and magical.  It wasn't bitterly cold so I thought I would take some pictures of Ben outside.  We have a vintage wooden sled, the kind with metal runners, but Justin has it stashed in somehwere in the garage that would be hard to access so I just put on his snowsuit and plopped him ouside. 

Poor baby!  This wasn't the best idea.  When I tried to position him the fluffy snow billowed up around my camera which I do not want getting wet.  Also, he kept wanting to bury his face like he does when he's tired and face planted in the snow.  For a first time touching snow that would not be a pleasant way to feel it! We were out there for about two minutes but I got this cute picture! 

 View out our window yesterday morning.

Pretty trees!

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