Friday, October 26, 2012


The house feels like a new place this week because on Wednesday I decided it was time to put away the Ocean Adventure mat that has been dominating our living room floor since late April.  It has been tripped on, kicked in frustration, and much maligned.  Not to mention, it is very garish and doesn't add anything to the style of the room.  But it was worth it, because for many weeks, Ben spent many combined hours laying on this thing and kicking, batting at, and knawing on the dangling toys.  It was good for at least 1/2 hour of entertainment in the morning so I could look at Pinterest and Facebook and read the news.  If we had been away from home for a weekend it was like he had never seen it before when we returned.  I would recommend it to anyone having a baby.   

This is the earliest picture I have of him laying on it.  I miss that little outfit!

Wow, was my life easy then!  He was so...stationary!

I realized last week that, although he still liked the toys, (not as much as he likes the power strip in the bedroom) this mat was pretty much useless because he doesn't stay in one place anymore.  All it did was slow him down as he crawled around.  It was just serving as a place for me to pile the toys to get them out of the way.  So...I thought...why is this annoying thing even here?  So I bought a basket for the toys and put the mat away (after washing it to remove drool residue, of course).  Wow, it is so pleasant in here!  You can walk through the room! can walk THROUGH the the problem is getting out of the room...

It never ends!

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