Monday, October 15, 2012

Adoption Anniversary

Three years ago today, around the time in the evening that I write this, Justin brought Allan, age 4 months, home from the Humane Society and I met him for the first time!  I opened the door of the pet carrier in the kitchen, and he came out.  He was shaking with fear but curious about his surroundings and I picked him up and he crawled up on my shoulder and was purring the whole time!  Cats also purr if they are very stressed, but I like to think he was excited to meet us!  What followed was several days and weeks of new experiences that he had never had since he was born at the shelter.  He had never perched on the back of a couch and stared out a window or ran up and down stairs.  He is a lucky kitten and we are lucky he is our kitten! 
These pictures are from his first days with us...I had pictures of him taken the first few minutes in the kitchen but they were on my old phone and have been lost.  
Snuggling the first night...

More snuggling!

He brought a jingle ball with him, but we soon found out that mice were his favorite toys.  They still are!  This blue one was the first of many that he chewed up like a puppy!

My buddy...

Learning to enjoy the sun!
I hope we have many more years with him!

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