Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Misc.

He's sleeeeeping...time to post a quick Friday afternoon update after a week of not much! Justin has been gone all week so I have had no time away from Ben.  When he has slept I have had to do everything else like eat!  I am at my parents house right now, and also on their computer, so all I have is phone pictures...

Here is a funny sequence from earlier this week of Ben trying to climb into a laundry basket and succeeding. Haha he was struggling and I just sat back and laughed...

He wins again!

And here is a funny picture of the new bin my dad is having built.  I showed up yesterday evening and there it  was, a monster among bins.  I mention it at all because I think it is crazy how huge it is compared to the bins on the right and the old granary on the left.  Also, it has a staircase spiraling around the outside which would have been enticing to us as children.  The (former) large bins on the farm, which you can't see, had step ladders up the sides and climbing them was not something my parents (and especially my grandpa) approved of or encouraged.  I admit, the top is higher than it looks!  A staircase would be just too much!  

Bins always have kind of terrified me ever since the farm safety awareness time at school (the program was called ABC on the Farm with ABC standing for Always Be Careful!).  There was a terrifying presentation about how fast a person could get sucked into grain or beans or corn and suffocate if they were walking on top of a full bin or truck and someone unknowingly opened the door at the bottom to let the grain out.  They used a little toy army man as the victim of suffocation in the demonstration.  I guess some topics are pretty serious and need to make a statement to be effective.  Where I grew up agriculture is all around and we needed to learn common sense.  It has stayed with me, I know that!

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