Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Update

It has been hard for me to spend extended periods of time on the Internet lately because my child is obsessed with getting into things that are off limits and I am constantly going to redirect him away from these things.  He loves the wine rack in the kitchen, wedging himself under the end tables in the living room and yanking on the lamp cords and going into the bathroom and tipping over the trash can.  We really need to look into baby gates.  He is sleeping now so I must type fast...

Since I last typed on here Ben went on his first combine ride with Justin. 

He loved to see the header spinning! 

We met his second cousin Aubrey but I was only able to stay for about an hour and it was pretty hectic so I unfortunately didn't get any pictures of them together.  He got to meet his three puppy cousins though which he enjoyed because they weren't slobbering all over him with a huge tongue like cousin Jakey and they weren't scared of him like Allan!

We saw Grandpa Tim and Grandma Cindy run a half marathon in Grand Forks. 

They both finished in record time for themselves!  We had all parked at my brother's new house about a ten minute walk away and they walked back with us afterwards!  I remember my dad's first 1/2 in 2010 when his legs barely worked after he finished...they have come far!

My grandmothers both visited the farm on Sunday and we picked apples.  When I was growing up we had a huge old apple tree that produced delicious apples.  Unfortunately, it got struck by lightening a few years ago (yes, true story!) and my mom replaced it with two new trees that are finally producing a big crop.

Many of the apples had damage from birds snacking on them so we threw those into the trees where Jake found them and brought them back!  Thanks buddy!

Grandma Phyllis and her friends Molly and Jake.

Pretty colors on the crab apple tree.

It was 85 degrees out on Sunday and now on Wednesday there is a winter storm watch for tonight! Haha crazy northern climate...I don't even care though.  I am kind of excited for some crazy weather after a summer without a thunderstorm and a winter without snow last year. Bring it on! It will just melt right away anyway. 

Also, we need the moisture.  If anyone is in the ND/Northern MN area you have heard about the wildfires that broke out yesterday in Northwest MN.  That is where my grandma grew up and several of her many brothers and sisters still live there.  Yesterday we found out that her brother lost his house and other family members were evacuated from theirs.  Also, my cousin and her husband live in another area that has fires burning although they are not in immediate danger.  Hard to believe this is happening there and my grandma was having trouble reaching them to find out details last night so hopefully the news is not so bad for the other family members in the area.  So snow would be welcome for them, although it is coming too late.  What a terrifying thing a wildfire would be. 

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