Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I have some good posts in my mind, but I am too distracted during the day these days (Gee, I wonder why, BEN?) to write a long post so I am just going to do the easy thing and post a bunch of pictures. I have pumpkins and fall table arrangements to show off and I rearranged the assortment of pictures and decorative items in the living room for the first time since we moved in ( I know, everyone is just DYING to see!).  Clutter was starting to take over and I had to make some tough choices about what was on display. But...that stuff will wait for another day. 

Here are some recent baby photos.
Last week it was really nice out and I thought it might be the last chance for awhile so I strolled Ben to the park and tried putting him in a baby swing.  I think he is still too little but he didn't hate it!
Naked baby on the loose!  At least we have wood floors!
Fussy man on the way to Sioux Falls last Thursday...I had no idea how far this fussiness was going to go!
Uh-Oh...someone tried to stand by leaning on a laundry basket and ended up buried in clothes!  He thought it was funny.

Cute baby.  You can kind of see his teeth in the middle photo...he still only has 2!

Allan acting like he is the baby of the house.  He loves that quilt.

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