Thursday, July 19, 2012

Baby On the Move

Well, freak me out...Ben is on the move now.  It's not just a 180 degree roll here or there...He rolls all over the place and if I leave the room he might be in a completely different place whe I return a few minutes later.  I usually lay him on his back under his "Ocean Adventure Gym" and then chaos ensues...

During the day this is all really funny and cute.  However, it is not so cute at night.  I consider myself to be someone who doesn't automatically imagine the worst case scenario.  I tell myself that the chances of something crazy happening are miniscule.  So, I admit that I might leave Ben strapped in his carseat in the car in the garage while I unload shopping bags or luggage even though the garage is not attached to our house (it is set back to the side behind our house) because what are the chances that a thief is going to run in there and steal the car with Ben in it during the 30 seconds I am in the house.  I know it has happened somewhere in America sometime but it would be a VERY rare thing to happen.  I admit I took Ben on a boat without a life jacket for a peaceful evening ride on a Sunday night.  The water was calm and there were no other boats around so it would be a freak accident indeed if something happened.  Getting caught by a warden...I guess that would just be embarassing! One thing I do worry about though is SIDS.  Doesn't everyone...the thought is so horrifying.  So imagine my horror when a weird noise from the baby monitor woke me at 5 a.m. on Monday morning.  I almost went back to sleep but something told me to check so I did and found the poor baby wedged face down up against the crib railing, still wrapped tight in his swaddle!  I immediately rolled him over and of course he was fine but holy crap...what a scare.  I took the crib bumber out a while ago and I don't want to think about the worst case suffocation scenario that could have resulted if it was in there still.  I didn't go back to sleep that morning and instead spend the time searching the internet for what to do when your baby starts moving around in his crib. 

Every source said that as soon as a baby is strong enough to roll completely during the day he will be able to move his head to breath in his sleep if his breathing is obstructed.  That was a relief. Apparently, the occurrences of SIDS drop dramatically around 4 months, when babies generally start to roll consistently. Also, the swaddle wrap tag said that when rolling starts it is time to stop swaddling so now we leave his arms free at night. 

Well, sorry, that post started out cute and turned into kind of a buzzkill...scroll back up to the pictures for lift!


Dana said...

We transitioned from swaddling by just not wrapping the boys' arms in the swaddle, so they still felt snug as a bug...but that only lasted for so long.

Maren said...

That's what I have been doing far so good. His hands are always cold in the morning but oh well...doesn't seem to bother him!