Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gerber Baby

So, I have done something I didn't think I would do...I entered Ben in a baby photo contest!  I know...I is The Gerber Generation Photo Search, which apparently happens every year.  One baby is the big winner of a $50,000 scholarship fund type thing from Gerber's life insurance company.  This winner is chosen by judges.  Then there are six category winners that win $10,000.  Everyone can vote for these. 

I think we have a pretty good chance...there are only...oh...86,889 entries so far in all categories and there are still 32 more days to enter a picture.  Haha...but I believe my child is the cutest in America, just like all of those other 86,000 parents think the same thing!  I saw a poll on Babycenter that asked if moms secretly thought that their baby was cuter than all others and 95% said they did!  This contest is proof of that phenomenon.  I think it must be one of those biological survival things that scientists study like how women are supposedly repulsed by the smell of their brothers' sweaty shirts but not their husbands in a blind scent test or how men like blond hair because it naturally occurs most often in young women who would be able to produce lots of babies to ensure the continuation of thier line. 

Realistically, I saw the story of last year's winner and it was a caucasian boy with blue eyes so I would imagine that they would not have a baby boy who looks pretty much the same win again the next year. 

Here is the next Gerber Baby's entry!  Voting doesn't start until September.  I will probably put a link on here to vote then.  I don't plan on being overly annoying about it and spamming it all over facebook or anything because I get annoyed by that stuff.  The only thing I usually vote for on websites is this animal shelter I follow that is trying to win a big donation for their shelter which is a much worthier cause than "vote for my kid to be the Gerber Baby!"

Oh, and I just looked at the website again because it is opened in the background and there are now 87,949 entries!

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