Tuesday, July 17, 2012


If you recall, we have two gardens this year...the usual shady, unproductive plot in our back yard and also a sun drenched plot at the city garden.  Comparing the two is like comparing...well I don't know what...something malnourished and deprived to something robust and healthy.  The plants at the city plot are so much bigger and healthier.  The onions are up to my knees and the tomatoes are up to my chest and covered with flowers and green fruit.  The peppers have big and juicy peppers on them just waiting to ripen.  I have been thinning the carrots and they show promise of being delicious.  I know this because I eat the ones I pull!  They are bright orange and shaped like carrots, so unlike the knarled, pasty ones that grew in the back yard last year.   

The tomatoes...big problem...we didn't get around to giving them any support with cages or buckets with the bottoms cut out or stakes or anything when they were small and soon it was too late.  The plants are like huge trees and they are a tangled mess that can't be untangled.  Their heavy limbs were falling over onto the adjacent carrots and onions and celery.  So this weekend we lifted the whole mess of limbs up off the ground and mashed them behind a fence. 

Now it is just a huge mass of plants but at least it they are contained and there aren't any tomatoes laying on the ground.  On the left are potatoes and everything else is tomatoes.  Maybe I will have to learn to make salsa! 

Upon close inspection, I found so many tomatoes growing in the leaves!  There are many flowers as well, so I think we will have a huge crop to share. 

These are the onions!  I am so proud of these because they are something that never can thrive in the back yard.  Usually we get some vegetables but they are small and way late but onions really need constant sunlight to grow at all. 

Another shot of the tomato fence...we are such professional gardeners!

And now, a cute photo of Ben, because I know some people look at this mostly for that reason and would be dissapointed in just photos of undiscernable masses of garden plants...

We went to a birthday dinner at a restaurant on the river with a piratey-beach theme and a parking dock for patrons arriving by boat on Saturday so I dressed him in this beachy button up shirt.  Hehe...

Oh guess what else...I saw "Magic Mike" on Friday...so worth it!

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Dana said...

The Magic Mike comment is my favorite part of this post...sorry Ben, you are cute too!