Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ben's updates

Ben has been a busy baby these last few days.  Some highlights...

My Uncle Steve and Aunt Cindy who live in California were in Bismarck over the weekend so Ben got to meet his great aunt and uncle.  

Next time they see him, he will probably be a toddler walking and talking!  I just saw them in Vegas a month ago so it was fun to see them again so soon since I usually see them only once a year. 

Ben went to the doctor yesterday.  The doctor said he could try eating some solid foods.  "Solid" is a very liberal description of the first non-milk food babies eat.  We bought some rice cereal, mixed it up with some of the free formula samples we got from the hospital a few months ago, and gave it an try. 

Oooh...something fun is about to happen!

Yeahhh...this didn't really work out...I don't think any of this slop actually made it into his stomach.  Oh well!  It was a first try!  We will have to keep practicing!  I did some research and many sources say that 6 months is a more ideal time to introduce solids so I am not really in a hurry.  Sorry about this picture...these kinds of pictures of babies are kind of gross but also funny...

Last night after the feeding fiasco I left the house to go to the Y and when I got back Ben was swaddled because was out of sorts and fussy.  I was occupied elsewhere when Justin called for me to look at something. 

See anything out of place?

That is one of Allan's many toy mice.  He was in one of his crazy playful moods and he dropped it by Ben and then waited expectantly for Ben to throw it for him!  Haha so cute...he wanted to play with his brother!  Jake, my sister's dog, did the same thing a few weeks ago.  Ben was sitting in his stroller while I was helping my mom do yard work at the farm and he dropped his tennis ball at the foot of the stroller and waited for Ben to throw it with a doofy grin on his face.  They will have a fun time when he is finally old enough to play with them!

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