Thursday, July 12, 2012

I Need Earplugs

So, Ben used to make these cute little noises that sounded like this...

When my mom would be on the phone she would hear him in the background and say..."I hear a little lamby!"  It was cute.  He still makes some noises like that but mostly he sounds like this now...
Aye, carumba, he is so loud! 

Also, he got mistaken for a girl for the first time yesterday while wearing this arguably neutral but in my opinion boyishly styled polo shirt/onesie.   

People on Babycenter get really bent out of shape when this happens (but also, alot of the mom's on Babycenter get bent out of shape when anyone they don't know tries to interact with or even look at their baby in public...there are GERMS everywhere and every public place is crawling with kidnappers you know!!!) but I don't think it's that big of a deal. It's not like the baby is going to suffer long lasting effects because someone didn't have a huge bow on their daughter's head during an outing and they got mistaken for a boy at a time in their development before they can even understand the English language.  When it happened, we were at CVS and as I was walking out the door a man who was 70+ years old said, "you don't have to worry about bundling up your little girl today, do you?" in reference to it being 95 degrees outside.  I just went with it and said, "nope!  It's pretty hot out, isn't it!" or something.  No harm done to the Ben or a friendly passer by, but it did make me wonder what about him made a "girl" statement that day...maybe it was his rosy pink cheeks or the little fawns and woods animals that decorate his carseat.  It's funny how all it takes is a pink or blue outfit to make a baby look decidedly one gender or another.  You could fool anyone who didn't have to change their diaper!

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Darren McAndrews said...

Aww, your sweet little baby is just exploring the power of his voice and what he can do with it! Isn’t it so precious how quickly little kids can go from little lamb to pterodactyl in just a few months? Haha! You know, there are earplugs that can help protect your ears without blocking out all sound. Maybe you should invest in those, in case you’re really considering getting ear plugs for yourself.