Friday, June 8, 2012

Three Year Old and Three Month Old

I remember back when the silly show "Jon & Kate + 8" was still a hit TLC show featuring an apparently functioning and happy family.  If you didn't know, the show was about a family who had fertility troubles so they used medical intervention to conceive twins and loved being parents so decided to try again and ended up with sextuplets.  Then their life became chaos but TLC gave them a show and they did season after season so they could keep getting money and alot of free trips and merchandise.  It got kind of annoying because they would do alot of product placements during the show.   Of course, soon after a free trip to Hawaii to renew their marriage vows, Jon and Kate had a marital meltdown and were all over the tabloids.  Those poor kids!  Back during the normal days, though, there was an epidsode where the older twins turned 6 and the sextuplets were 2 and they thought it was so cool that they had two 6 year olds and six 2 year olds.  Haha...neat...

Well, Jon and Kate...wait until you hear what I have going on...I have a 3 month old and a 3 year old! 

On June 7, yesterday, Ben entered his third month.  I can't believe that he is three months old already.  It went fast but that morning when we drove to the hospital before the sun came up also seems like a long time ago.  He has changed so much.  His new favorite thing is his hands.   They are so interesting.  I laugh when he is looking around and abruptly brings them together in front of his face and stares at them with fascination.  Oh, what else...I gave him a bath last night and he barely fits in his baby tub anymore.  The top of his head touches one end and his feet touch the other end.  He loves to vocalize and squeal and I love when he says "ah-gooooo", his favorite "word".  He recently started being quite interested in his feet as well.  It is nice that he can entertain himself sometimes. 

On June 6, Allan had his birthday!  He is three now.

There is my baby kitten at the shelter!  Such a sweet little googly eyed baby! 

He has spent the last few days being really naughty.  He spilled a plastic glass of water yesterday morning and then last night he continued the bad behavior and spilled a glass of Mountain Dew that shattered all over the floor. 

He has also taken up trying to get the stuffed animals down from their baskets in Ben's room and actually succeeded somehow in getting a yellow duck down and carrying it around the house.  What a brat.  He is lucky we love him!

Happy birthday Mr. Bird Hunter!

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