Friday, June 29, 2012

Notes from this week...

I don't have much time this morning because I have to pack and prepare for the upcoming weekend and the 4th of July!  My favorite!  I have a few things to share though...first...

Yesterday was my parents' 32nd anniversary! 

And our 5th anniversary! 

Hard to believe it was five years ago...and the 30th is back on a Saturday so that means a whole new group of couples will share our anniversary!  I know many people have the 28th like my parents and many people had the 30th back in 2007.  I may have to reflect more on this day later when I have more time...the pictures are actually not loaded on my new computer so I have to find the disk.  They are on Facebook but I don't want to copy and paste. 

Oh, and one more thing...on this day last year, I attended a Continuing Education class and was bored most of the time and felt weird and kept I?  So after the class I bought a generic brand test and...I was!  And I was pretty shocked!  And now baby Ben is here!

Oh, and ONE more thing...last night I was picking out clothes to pack and just for fun I decided to try on my "real" favorite jeans that were always pretty tight before but fit perfectly and they fit!  YEAAAAHHHH!  This revelation resulted in about 10 minutes of me prancing around the house and staring at myself in the mirror.  Such a relief!

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