Monday, June 25, 2012

Just When I Thought...

Just when I thought that no more crap could fit in our house...I went and obtained more crap for our house! 

It started last Friday afternoon.  Justin got home from work early just as I was getting ready to take Ben to the city garden plot to water ours before the weekend.  I left Ben with him and headed over there.  On the way, something caught my eye on the side of the road.  It was a rummage sale and there was an "Exersaucer" baby gym in the yard!  I have been wanting to get one of these for Ben because he loves to try to stand up and he also loves to kick.  They cost anywhere from $50 to over $100 at stores. 

I brought it home and plopped him right in there, even though It was kind of dusty and I like to wash anything secondhand that has cloth before using it.  He loved it and now it really needs to be washed because he drooled all over it.  That seat was soaking wet after a few minutes of use. 

I searched online and discovered that this model is current and still sold in stores so we really did get a deal!  It is pretty garish, with bright primary colors and a circus theme.  So now we have an ocean themed play mat, a woodland themed bouncer and swing and a circus themed excersaucer.  Our living room looks like a toy store and I don't like it one bit but I guess that is how life will be for the next...oh...who knows how many years?!  Time to just go with the flow...I have to scoff at all of the decorating magazines and the Pottery Barn Kids and Land Of Nod catalogues with their fashionable spreads with lovingly handcrafted wood toys and vintage style stuffed animals and dolls made of sustainable organic fabrics no obnoxious primary colored novelty toys to be seen.  Babies don't like that stuff!  They like THIS stuff:

Cats like this stuff too...

Regardless of how ugly it is and how it takes away from the tastefulness of my living room, I am glad I found this thing because I think it will give Ben hours of entertainment and me hours of free time! 

Over the weekend I was in my dad's shop and there was this old locker standing in there.  I didn't think much of it because he is always finding interesting crap that other people discard where he works.  Soon I started thinking about it though, and decided I wanted it in my house.  It is six feet tall and pretty deep...deep enough to hang clothing...18 inches of extra space to hang clothing!!!! MUST HAVE!  I have the perfect corner for it. 

It was already pretty clean but I washed it quickly and proceeded to paint it.  I'd decided on black spraypaint with a hammered metal texture.  I had failed to remember something...spray painting is not enjoyable.  It also looks pretty bad until you have many layers on.  I did three coats and then took a shower to rinse off the film of black paint that was all over me.  When I checked later, it looked pretty streaky and uneven still so I brought it home but I still need to do more coats before moving it in.  I will add pictures of the finished product later.  I am excited about it though.  There are so many possibilities with a locker!  It is so tall and it has a little shelf at the top and it is magnetic! 

A few more pictures...

My mom bought Ben a few Sesame Street books from the dollar aisle at Target and he really took to the one about Ernie.  He loves the bright yellow cover and also thinks it is delicous. 

My cute little baby!

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