Tuesday, June 12, 2012

3 Month Adventures

Well, I don't have anything interesting to talk about.  I guess the highlight of my day has been walking to the nearby middle school to vote and watching the retired Optimist Club volunteers working at the polls fuss over Ben.  So I will just post a bunch of recent pictures.  

Ben with Great Grandma Dorothy. 

Great-Grandma's house!

Uncle Pete...he is so comfortable with babies!

It was really hot when I was visiting my parents and the pool where I used to spend every afternoon during the summer as a kid and where I worked as a teenager is opened for the summer and it looked so inviting...so I thought I would bring my 3 month old to the "baby pool".   It has always been referred to as the baby pool but it should be called the toddler pool because it is still pretty deep for babies.   As you can see it is knee keep at the edge and it gets deeper toward the middle. 

I had packed his swimming suit just in case this might work out...well, it turns out it didn't really work out.  Back when in the old days of the 1990's and 2000's, the plumbing between the baby pool and the big pool didn't work.  The water was supposed to circulate between the two but it didn't so the baby pool had to be filled and chlorinated separately.  Because the water didn't circulate, the baby pool was always really warm (and, according to the legend of kids, it was also warm because little kids peed in it!  EEEEWWW!).  Well, a few years ago the pool got renovated and now the circulation works and the baby pool was pretty cold (not in general, but for a little baby like Ben I thought it was) so I just dipped his feet in a few times.  He didn't seem to care one way or the other. 

Yesterday I tried to take some fancy photos of him to commemorate being 3 months old.  They were not the greatest...now that he likes to kick and flail his arms constantly it is harder to get him to pose in a cute way. 

I tried to place him in a basket filled with pillows but it didn't work very well!

Of course, a certain cat couldn't mind his own business...

 Over here, buddy!

Oh, and the hands...THE HANDS!

Have you ever seen anything so interesting?!

 The best ones are the ones where I put him in the Bumbo chair.

 I did a wardrobe change but this overall outfit was not working very well because the bib kept getting in the way.

Exciting, I know!

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