Monday, May 7, 2012

"Wash Away My Sin"

Ben was baptized yesterday.  We had it done at St. John in Hatton where I was baptized almost exactly 29 years ago in the early summer of 1983.  It was a good day.  Ben behaved well during his time at the fount and didn't fuss very much.  We had our family stay for lunch after church in the church reception hall.  Although I haven't regularly attended church at St. John for years I still am greeted with waves of nostalgia when I walk in the door.  It is so familiar to me...I know every enterance and classroom in the basement where all the kids would play while our parents were working on various church commitees or serving some event.  I know where the little door that gives access to the organ pipes and bell tower is.  I know where stuff goes in the kitchen.  It still smells the same and walking into the back entrance by the kitchen and smelling food made me feel like a kid again, showing up there after school if my mom was helping serve a meal or waiting in the pews for our number to be called in the days when the men's turkey dinner fundraiser would attract hundreds of people and we had to wait to be seated.  I was also confirmed there and married there, although we didn't live in town my whole life.  I was baptized there because my parents lived far from family when I was born and it was a convenient location for everyone. 

Here is Ben with Justin in his attire!  

He is wearing my gown in this picture...

We took some pictures after church.  They are not that great because everyone is looking in all different directions in them and I am not comfortable with my weight at the moment.  Ugh. 

Here are the great grandparents who were able to be present.  From the left, they are my Grandma Phyllis, Justin's Grandma Irene, and my grandparents Dorothy and Glenn.  I didn't realize how small they all are these days!  Justin and I look like giants!

That "Child of God" banner has been around since I was a kid.  Seeing that banner at the beginning of church meant that there would be at least some excitement to look forward to during the usual boring service! 

Here are the sponsors...from left...Michelle, Justin's sister, Ryan, Justin's cousin, and Kirk and Andrea, my sister and brother in law. 

The parents (well, our parents and Ben's grandparents!). 

Here is Ben's cake!  Here he is wearing Justin's baptismal outfit.  I am dissapointed that I didn't get any pictures of him close up in his outfits.  The day was just too crazy.  Maybe I can have a mini photo shoot later although I better hurry because he barely fit into Justin's outfit! 

Here he is with Justin's grandma.  Notice the wardrobe change...there was a slight diaper malfunction.  Don't worry...his onesie saved the day and no heirloom baptism outfits were damaged. 

Oooh tired boy!  After a busy morning he passed out among the crowd in Grandma and Grandpa's living room. 

Later in the afternoon after the guests were clearing out  I wanted to get some pictures by this flowering apple tree in the yard since I didn't get a chance to take pictures by the flowering trees outside the church.  I put on my big zoom lens and did some experimenting with my camera. 

Jakey was a good subject for the rapid fire action setting.  I love how you can see the water droplets at his feet! 

Pretty flowers!

Lazy baby!

The dappling of the shade makes these kind of cool looking.  This one is my favorite becasue of Jake creeping in the corner. 


He thought it was really lame to be posing with flowers!

Ben and Uncle Peder were matching!  Well, Pete needed some cool glasses like Ben had for the full effect...

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