Thursday, May 17, 2012

Go Grandpa! Go Grandma!

I don't have time for a long post right now...I am trying to get everything together for a weekend getaway, with takes all morning now when it used to take 1/2 an hour.  Ben finally dozed off so I have been running around like crazy trying to pack. 

We are going to watch my parents run in the Fargo marathon.  They have done several half marathons but this time is different because my dad is going for the big one...26.2 miles! I truly cannot imagine running far.  He has been training for awhile and ran home from work one night which is 22 miles so I guess he is as ready as one can be!  My sister and brother in law are running the half also so we will be the only family spectators except my brother. 

I made this sign very hastily last night.  How do you like my 1990's era Office clipart?  It could use some more pizazz but I don't know what else to do with it...I was going to make Ben a shirt but his shirts are so tiny there wouldn't be room to write anything!
I decided to just print and cut after this happened...

Ugh for embarassing.  Yes, I spelled Grandpa wrong and also my freehand letters
looked terrible.  I can be mildly artistic if I take time but I did not feel like doing that last night so printouts it was!

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