Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Before I get started, over the weekend, between today and that outlandish draft post from last week, Justin's mom, Mary, had a birthday...a milestone one!  60! 

I don't have a cache of scanned photos of her but I have a few...like this one of Mary and their cat Angus working on some school work!  It looks like Allan inherited the "pest" trait from his...uhhh...OK...so that cat is like Justin's brother...and Justin is like Allan's dad...so it's his uncle!  Haha what nonsense... 

While I was looking for a picture I came across this very cute photo which I love of Justin's dad with some kittens from the same album from the mid 1970s before Justin and his sister were born. 

Aww so cute!  One of those kittens looks like my precious Rascal, my cat from growing up!
That's Rascal sitting closest to the wheel and the other cat is his brother Buttons.  We got these two from our neighbors right after we moved to the farm in 1992 or 91...I can't remember the year.  We had them neutered and they were the laziest "outdoor" farm cats I have ever seen.  Their sedentary lifestyle and lack of the testosterone that makes tom cats wander away and fight with other cats and generally act very unpleasant contributed to them living a long time for farm cats.  Buttons died when he was 9 years old and Rascal lived 15 years before he had to be humanely euthanized while I was in law school.  I still expect to see him when I arrive at the farm sometimes!  Tear...This is a classic family photo.  That is a tractor seat they are sitting on.  Somehow the window got broken and these two clowns somehow figured out that they could get in there and my dad found them chilling out in there like it was their regular bed.  He went and told my mom to bring the camera so the moment is saved forever.
Well, that's all...this post was going to have a quick birthday message since the birthday has already passed and then be about something totally different but once I got into those old pictures I got sidetracked so that's all for tonight! 

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