Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Although it is not the most original nursery decor idea, I knew I wanted to have the baby's name on the wall in some cute and decorative letters.  I would have done this project before Benjamin came but we didn't know what his name was yet so that wasn't possible!  I bought the materials for this project, which of course I found instructions for on Pinterest, and I finally made myself get to work this week. 

I bought the letters at Hobby Lobby.  They are made of a thick carboard material.  I used some leftover paint from some picture frames I painted right after we moved here.

Step one done!  It isn't so easy to do a quick little project anymore because SOMEONE has to eat every two hours!  Jeez! 

I used coordinating scrapbook paper and shallacked (how do you spell that anyway?) the paper on with Mod Podge.  I happened to have some Mod Podge around the house that I have had since my sophomore year of college.  In those days the light, glue-ish aroma of Mod Podge was often permeating the KD house.  We were always doing some project with it.  You could turn any old shoe box, leftover container, or picture frame into a fun and personalized gift for someone or just a fun thing for your room!  All you needed was some old magazines for clipping and you could make a garish and tacky item covered with sexual innuendo and drinking references (the free wine magazine from the liquor store was perfect for these kinds of projects) or you could take it in the other direction and make a loving and sentimental project featuring sisterhood and friendship.  I am glad to report that after almost ten years, my Mod Podge has retained its consistency and usefulness!  May it serve me for another ten years!

Here is the finished "BENJAMIN"!  I love it.  Upon closer inspection the letters look kind of "bush league", with some bubbling and creasing but I don't think anyone is ever going to closely inspect them so I don't care! 

He says, "Thanks Mom! Now I can learn my name as I stare at the wall above my crib!"

Hehe cute...

Oops...he got an "E" stuck on his arm!

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