Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Day Has Been Made!

I have had my day made by random people out in the world two days in a row!  It is the best...I will start by telling what happened to me today...

It all started when I was hand washing Justin's baptism outfit by hand in the sink.  There was a miniscule you know what stain on the back of it and I know he drooled on it a bit as well so I wanted it clean before being stored back in it's tissue lined box.  It was hanging up to dry and I thought that it was a shame that I never got a close up photo of Ben in either of his baptism outfits.  I thought my pictures with the apple blossoms were pretty good so I decided I would try some pictures of him wearing the outfit with my big zoom lens. 

I searched online for ways to take professional looking portraits at home and found some suggestions such as using a sheet or shower curtain or other large piece of fabric as a backdrop and using natural light sources like windows if you are indoors.  I got out a light blue sheet with a subtle pattern that we have and hung it in a corner of our living room, which is usually very bright once morning has passed.  I took our Boppy pillow and put it on an ottoman and draped Justin's baptism blanket over it and posed Ben on it.  

I tried to make that collar stay down but it would not!  I should have ironed the outfit, I guess. 

Of course, Allan couldn't resist getting in the mix.  He had to explore my little set and also tried to pull the sheet down. 

I love this one but that fringe is not placed very well!

Bad fringe again!

So how does this lead to my day being made?  I ordered a bunch of these from Walmart 1 hour photo to include with thank you notes for Ben's baptism gifts.  When I went to pick them up I told the teenager working at the register that I had a one hour order.  He went to get the envelope and then went to talk to the "head guy" in the photo department.  That guy came over to me and said that they need a release when they print professional photos.  Heeheee!  I said "They aren't professional.  I took them in my living room a few hours ago."  He said, "Oh, well, they have a professional look."  Then he made me sign their release form!  Haha I am so pleased with myself.  I think his analysis might be kind of a stretch compared to real studio photos but with some more practice I may be able to put my Sears Photo Studio days behind me!

Yesterday my day was made at the pediatrition's office.  The doctor and I were chatting about things related to Ben and she said, "You know, I told my nurse that you remind me of Kristen Wiig (the hilarious actress on Saturday Night Live and star of "Bridesmaids") and she agrees!  You're funny!"  She was referring to personality, not appearance, by the way...Kristen and I look nothing alike and I would guess her clothing size is my size divided by two.  Actually, with my fabulous post baby physique it is probaby more like my size divided by three.  I was very flattered by this comparison because Kristen Wiig is hilarious and one of my favorite actresses at the moment! 

What will tomorrow hold?!

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