Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ben's First Vacation

Well, we did it!  We went to Montana!  We are crazy!  We left on Tuesday morning and it was actually just what I needed.  Ben sleeps whenever we are in the car and so he slept most of the time!  I thoroughly enjoyed a day spent zoning out with my headphones in my ears while staring out the window or reading magazines.  I even slept in the car for an hour which for me is unheard of.  I really am tired!

The stops were not the quick affairs that they used to be, of course.  Our first stop at Beach, N.D., the last exit before entereing Montana, took 30 minutes!  I changed Ben's diaper, making sure to put a barrier between him and the changing table, fed him, and then had to change him again.  I am getting the hang of pumping so we had bottles for feeding in restaurants and parking lots.  The worst part for me was exposing him to those nasty bathrooms...but what can a person do?  Public bathrooms are a part of life! 

We arrived at Big Sky around 6 p.m. 

The sight of this mountain still fills me with joy even though I have been going to Big Sky since I was in 5th grade!  That peak is so majestic!  Being late in the season, it looked almost like summer time and felt like it too until we started ascending the mountain. 

Ben met my aunt and uncle and cousins, as well as my brother-in-law for the first time this week. 

Here he is getting to know his Great Aunt Kris! 

I was told that skiing was not adviseable by my doctor because of my c-section.  But...I decided to do it anyway.  Justin and I took turns staying in.  I would stay with Ben in the mornings and Justin stayed home after lunch.  I wasn't sure until we arrived that I would ski but I have been feeling pretty "back to normal" and thought I would just take it easy and stick to moderate runs. 

As soon as I was skiing I felt energized and after a few tentative runs I was keeping up with everyone else almost like my old self.  I am so glad I decided to ski.  It was very invigorating and made me feel like a normal person again.  There was just one problem...when I put on my ski ensemble on Wednesday it didn't fit.  The pants zipped and buttoned but it wasn't a pretty sight.  It was also very uncomfortable.  My jacket was no better.  Ugh.  I guess I am not 100% my old self!  Fortunately, my female relatives travel with entire wardrobes of ski outfits and I was able to get by with borrowed snowpants of my cousins and a loose fitting jacket of my mom's. 

Since my camera is huge and expensive and I forgot my old small camera, this is one of the few pictures of me or anyone else skiing that I have.  It was taken with my mom's phone.  Those iphones have pretty nice cameras!

Here are a few pictures from the week.  Most of them are of Ben.  Big surprise. 

Awww...cute little fussy face...Ben loves to sit this way.  I let him do it because it makes him comfortable even though it results in my being kicked in the chest and abdomen...two areas that don't really need that right now!

Snuggling with Uncle Kirk...

Cute outfit from Aunt Jenny...

Ben recieved this adorable newborn sized fleece snowsuit as a gift.  It hasn't been worn yet since this has been the winter that wasn't and it hasn't been below 50 degrees since he was born and it was like a summer day when he left the hospital.  I knew I had to get some photos of him wearing it around actual snow.  By the way, I know that babies are not supposed to wear snowsuits in their carseats because the straps are not as effective because of the actually isn't very bulky and we only did this one time!  No harm done!

At the base of Big Sky!  Hopefully it is the first time of many times!

Aunt Andrea...

My dad showing off his new iPad. 

He loves being held like that!  It is funny!

Although I wasn't the beer swilling drunk that I was before I still made time for a few of my old tricks!  It feels great to indulge a bit again!  Drinking is not as fun when you extensively sleep drink makes you want to...well...sleep! 

Ben is the first of what will probably be many kids to come on this side of the family (he is the 6th kid on Justin's side!).  So...does anyone know a fun and responsible type of person who might like to take a trip to the mountains and hang out in a plush mountain cabin all day?  All they would have to do is take care of our babies while we ski until the kids are old enough to join us! 

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