Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mr. Rolly Polly

Last night after I wrote the tummy time stuff I had Ben laying on a blanket on the floor having another session.  He was not fussing or mad so I let him lay like that with his head bobbing and went into his room to put away laundry.  And, yes, I know you are never supposed to leave a baby unattended, ever, but our living room and his room are pretty much the same room because our house is small and also a baby can't fall off the floor so I thought it would be OK.  So anyway, I had my attention off of him for about 2 minutes although I could hear his little noises.  When I came back into the room he was on his back!  He rolled over! 

I wanted to see how he did it so I turned him over and he did it again!  Then I took a video of it and he rolled the opposite direction and rolled off the blanket onto the wood floor (oops!). 

I took a new video this evening with my good camera and not my phone.  Watch it if you want.  I admit that I rarely watch videos of anyone's kids doing any milestone related thing unless I am closely related or there is promise that the video will be funny so I would not be offended if no one wanted to watch this except maybe our parents or family members. 

So...the milestone madness begins...Although I told myself I would not obsess over these things I could not resist looking at a milestone chart in a book and was proud when it said the average age for rolling from front to back was 4 months!  I was excited and having visions of a physically precocious child and future NFL player or something.  Then I googled the phrase "baby rolling over at 6 weeks" and it seems there are alot of people who have had babies roll over at 6 weeks, and also 5 and 4 and 3 and even 2 weeks.  So maybe it is not really rolling at all...maybe it is just the weight of the out of proportion head pulling these little guys off balance!  The real rolling challenge will be rolling back to front!

Here is another floor time session from earlier today which did not go over so well!  I think the picture is funny because Ben is really pissed and also because Allan is in the background chilling out through the commotion on his catnip scratcher toy! 

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