Tuesday, April 10, 2012

First Eatser Photo Bomb

As everyone knows, Easter occurred over the weekend!  I was thinking that it is kind of strange that there are so many little ornaments and decorations for "Baby's First Christmas" but none for a baby's first Easter.  I wonder why?  

We visited family for the long weekend and Ben met many family members for the first time.  The main events were meeting his great grandparents.  He has one great grandmother on Justin's side still living and two great grandmothers and one great grandfather on my side still living.  The rest of this post will be mostly pictures and not a lot of writing because I just want to get it done while I have a chance and Mr. Fussy Man is giving me a few minutes!

Here he is meeting Great Grandma Dorothy.

 Great Grandpa Glenn and Great Grandma Dorothy (My dad's parents.)

Taking a chill break with Grandpa Tim!

Great Grandma Irene (Justin's dad's mom).

Cousin Ryan (Ben's birthday buddy!).


Meeting Uncle Peder (my brother).  

Pete and Melanie.

Great Grandpa Phyllis (my mom's mom).  Ben is her first great grandchild.  

Cousin Katie (she already met him...I just thought it was a cute picture!)

We died Easter eggs on Saturday and I made eggs for my babies, human and cat!

Ben with his egg and his duck pillow from Cousin Katie.  

Cousin Blake.  

Cousin Dylan.

Aunt Jenny.

Posing in his dress outfit with Nana and Grandpa after church!  He wore it all day without any form of soiling!  Good job buddy!

Cousin Cayson!  He is two and getting very silly!  He is learning numbers and the ABCs and colors.  He is holding up #1 because he was counting during the picture!

Baby Benjamin with his Easter presents!  

Oops...forgot one...Twins bear from Uncle Peder!

Wow...that was a fast post...

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