Monday, April 16, 2012

Another Wedding

We went to a wedding this weekend...the bride was Kate, my friend from college who also was in KD and was my sister's roommate on and off for years.  They met in the Freshman dorm.  I was her personal attendant and my sister and my cousin were bridesmaids.  I used to live with one of the other bridesmaids and the other personal attendant is my cousins' cousin on their mom's side.  So we are just a big, incestuous group of friends!  The best kind of group of friends! 

 I had a very enjoyable weekend.  After Justin's role as a groomsman in a wedding when Ben was 2 weeks old, I got my chance to be (kind of) on my own for a day and it was invigorating.  I got a pedicure and had my hair done at the salon and got to hang out with my friends two nights in a row!  Whoa! 

Ben was a hit at the wedding...there were several young toddlers there, still in diapers themselves, who would say "baby!" whenever they saw him!  It was cute. 

His dad got him ready in his "dress outfit" and even tucked his shirt in!  So grown up!

Here I am with the lovely bride!  Did I mention that she was my personal attendant at our wedding back in 2007?  She was a very easy going bride to attend to. 

Ohhh...flashback to 2007!
I was thinking as I was in absolute heaven while laughing and having beer and champagne on the party bus after the ceremony that the best parts of weddings fly by way to fast.  The fun time with the wedding party together while travelling between the church and reception is my favorite part of a wedding (when I am in the wedding party, of course.  For weddings where I am a guest my favorite part is when cocktail hour starts!).  The sad part is that it feels like it ends before it starts!  It is when everyone can finally relax. 

Fun times...

There is Ben and Justin having a blast at the wedding dance!  Ben was a good boy all night!  Did I mention that he slept from midnight until 6:15 a.m. on Friday night/Saturday morning?  Maybe that is why I was so blissful all day on Saturday!

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