Thursday, April 12, 2012

First Visit to the Farm

Speaking of farms, before I get into the usual Ben photo bomb, I have to bring up a recent news story.  It has been everywhere so I'm sure many of you have seen it.  It is about the 7th grader who took control of a careening school bus after the driver had a seizure.  He steered it to the side of the road and pulled the keys out of the ignition so it would stop.  Then he and another kid started doing CPR on the driver.  They were on the today show this morning and the first kid's mom admitted that he already knew how to drive because she let him pull their car into the driveway sometimes and that he had learned to drive tractors with his grandfather.  I learned to drive when I was in that age as did my siblings and many kids around here.  As you know, ND kids can get drivers licenses at 14, or at least they used to be able to...I think the law is more strict now and requires more time with a permit and more restrictions about who can be in the car with young drivers.  Anyone who is not from ND who hears about our young driving is generally horrified but maybe it is not so bad!  Actually, I know it is not so bad but I don't think anyone can say that it was unfortunate that the kid on the bus knew what to do.

I had planned to take a bunch of cute pictures of Ben outside around the yard during this week when I have been home but, for what seems like the first time since winter, it has been too cold!  Colder than average!  I didn't miss that this winter!  As a result, I haven't taken him outside very much.  He was able to check out Grandpa's shop for the first time over the weekend.  I hadn't seen it for awhile either so it was fun to see the progress.  

He got to meet Cousin Jake!  

Jakey gave him a big kiss!  Gross!

Here is the knew workout loft, complete with Netflix subscription!  I need to start exercising again one of these days...

Ben gets to visit Grandma at work every day.  Here he is wearing an automotive themed outfit for the occasion earlier this week.

He thinks the garage is a real snooze fest!

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Dana said...

I need to convince Travis to build a shop with an exercise loft. That is great!