Monday, March 26, 2012

First Trip

This weekend we took Ben to a wedding in Minot, which is 100 miles from here.  It went fine, but I admit the weekend was exhausting for me and it was hard not to enjoy the wedding in the carefree manner that I am used to.  Justin was in the wedding party, so I had to orchestrate everything myself.  I ended up spending the whole ceremony in the bathroom of the church, and although I had pumped a few bottles I still had to nurse at the reception.  I had to do so in the bathroom because the reception wasn't at a hotel where I could dash up to our room.  There was a little sitting area attached to the bathroom so that was nice but it was still akward.  Other women either looked embarassed or rather grossed out by the sight of me (I kept covered the whole time by the way!  I have this apron thing designed for nursing in public) or else had no issue at all and stopped to talk and tell me about their adventures in baby raising.  I guess, looking back, I would not have been grossed out but I would probably have averted my eyes and moved along if I saw someone else in that situation.  There were many other guests with babies so that helped.  The highlight of my night, besides all the compliments about Ben's cuteness, was indulging in my first alcoholic beverages since June.  Well, my first except for the few glasses of wine I might have had over the holidays!  I had one Bud Light and one shot of the homemade liquor that was being swilled by everyone all night.  I didn't get a buzz so I guess my tolerance has survived to an extent. 

Chaos almost ensued when we ran out of diapers even though I felt like we brought a massive quantity and Justin had to go to a grocery store at 8 am on Sunday morning because Ben was wearing our last one.  I am glad to say, though, that he never soiled his cute wedding outfit!  That made me happy because I love that little outfit!  He also never soiled my clothes or anyone elses.  That would have been embarassing. wasn't a great weekend but it could have been alot worse.  I really am starting to feel like a walking zombie.  I need to sleep more and I know this is something everyone endures but it is starting to wear me down.  I am waiting for the "it gets better" moment that everyone talks about.  It is hard for me to sleep when the baby sleeps like everyone says I should do because that is the only time I can eat, shower, etc.  I need to eat so Ben can eat after all!  He seems to want to eat all the time lately.  Some days it is in intervals of less than two hours.  This boy better have packed on crazy poundage at his next appointment for the quantity he is eating! 

Ben's first wedding!

Here are a few more pictures...

I love when he makes faces like this!  What do you think of my crazy pajama pants?

We have another looming adventure coming family's annual Ski vacation to Big Sky.  Back when this trip was scheduled I thought my due date was mid-February and an overdue baby was the last thing I thought would happen to me.  I thought we would have a 6 week old and now we have a 2 to 3 week old.  I also thought I would have a normal delivery and not a c-section and had planned on being on the slopes with everyone else.  The rest of the family is there skiing as I write this.  We had planned on going there tomorrow but we are questioning the wisdom of this decision.  I guess we will decide later today when we will do.  The drive seems overwhelming and endless right now but on the other hand Ben is usually very content when he is in his car seat and moving in the car or in his stroller so maybe a day spent with him chilling out in the back seat while I listen to my ipod would be kind of nice. 

My parents left for the trip early at the end of last week so they could visit.

Here is Grandpa Tim and his buddies Allan and Ben! 

Ben was a fussy pain all through the day, fussing whenever I put him down and only sleeping for 10 minute intervals and eating (and as a result peeing and pooping) constantly.  As soon as they showed up he was peaceful, snuggly, and perfect. Go figure! 

If we go to Montana you probably won't be hearing from me for the rest of the week.  If we don't go, you will probably be reading sad, baby blues laced posts about how I miss the old days and how I doubt my parenting abilities.  Either way, you may not want to look at this blog until next week! 

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