Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My 29th

Well...I am 29 today!  EEK!  To be honest, I almost forgot about my birthday due to my being preoccupied with caring for Ben.  March 31st rolled around and I was like "Oh, wait!  My birthday is this week!"  That seems really old and very close to thirty.  I don't feel that age at all.  I guess it's true though!  I am planning to go out to eat for both meals today and I am going to wear jeans...with a zipper...that zips!  YEAHHH!  It is not as good as it sounds...I have a drawer with several pairs of "fat" jeans that previously were the kind of jeans that fit right after you washed them but within an hour were stretched out and sliding off.  Now they barely button and zip...but they do!  My real celebration will be over the long Easter weekend.  My mom is going to make a cake shaped like a bunny in honor of my birthday's proximity to Easter!  And our relatives are going to get to meet Ben. 

I was looking through my photo stash to see if I had any birthday photos and I started looking at baby photos of myself to see if Ben and I resemble each other.  People have said we do but also that he resembles Justin.  

I am older in this picture so I guess we will have to wait and see! I know that his ears don't stick out in that goofy way!

I have had this on here on my birthday before but here it is again...dated April 2...little did they know the wonderful daughter that they were about to have!  I was early so when this was taken they had no idea that my arrival was so imminent.

That is my grandma meeting me at the hospital.  As you can see, I was a bit jaundiced.  I was born in Grand Forks even though my parents lived in the oil patch of Western North Dakota at the time.  An Easter weekend surprise!

 This must have been right after we left the hospital...of course my mom is wearing jeans with a tucked in shirt...I guess my fat jeans one month later aren't so impressive...but hey...if it is true that I was 5 weeks early then that means I was pregnant for 6 weeks longer than she was!


Here is one of my Easter birthdays from the past.  I think that year it really landed on Easter and not just close to it.  Nice cake! 

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