Thursday, March 15, 2012

Newborn Photos

I never never thought professional newborn photos would be something I really cared about doing when I had a baby.  That was before I had a baby.  So this morning I headed off to Sears for a cheap-a$$ photo shoot.  I had a coupon from the hospital and they were able to get us an appointment on short notice.  Justin's mom is visiting so she was able to come with and do the heavy lifting and driving since I am not supposed to do those things yet because of the c-section.   The photographer was mediocre as was the creativity but oh get what you pay for and the rates were not bad and they are still cute.  I was mostly interested in being able to purchase a cd with photos that I could print and distribute however I wanted and we also got an 8 x 10 and some sheets of various sizes.  The sheets have some editing like sepia tones done to them.   

What follows is an over the top presentation of every photo on the cd...this is mostly for people who are related to me who are curious about the pictures so sorry if you think it is over the top.  We had two outfits.  Well, I guess it was one outfit and one theme since he is not wearing clothes in some of them!  Sorry some of them, like this first one, are not rotated properly.  I thought I did so but it must not have saved. 

I like this one because he looks so beefy even though he's really not very chubby yet!

Almost smiling!  Except 1 week old babies don't really know how to smile...

Not crazy about the exposed diaper...

Finger toes!  This one is out because you can see his nasty cort remnant. 

Another favorite of mine...

Looks like he's up to no good!

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