Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Too Soon!

This morning, Ben and I both had doctor's appointments.  Mine was to check to make sure my incision was healing fine and it is.  I was given the clearance to drive and lift Benjamin's car seat with him in it.  I can pretty much do anything I want except things that require strenuous abdominal muscle use.  Ben's was a usualy baby check.  He has gained 10 oz. since the home visit nurse came 5 days ago...the little piglet.  He has passed his birth weight now so I am ready for the big growth to begin!  Hopefully his stomach will get bigger so it can hold more milk so I can sleep more! 

Now that I have the approval I can drive Ben around town with me.  I was nervous but I took him on our first solo outing this afternoon.  We went to Old Navy so I could look for a dress to wear for a wedding this weekend that would be nursing friendly.  By nursing friendly I mean that it can't have a zipper up the back and preferably it should have straps that can be lowered easily so I don't have to take the whole thing off to feed him.  Also, I was casually looking for a cheap one piece swimming suit to bring on a family ski trip to Montana next week because I will be using a hot tub there (can't wait! They are off limits during pregnancy!) and I am not feeling confident about wearing a two piece yet even if it is just in front of family. 

Oh my, this was a big mistake.  I think I must have gone temporarily insane to think that trying on swimwear two weeks after having a baby was a good idea.  Actually, it was way too soon to be trying on any clothing at all.  I have been feeling good about my recovery and have lost about 25 pounds from my last pre-delivery weigh-in.  And yes, I gained more than the recommended 25-30 pounds for my height.  Trying on clothes was a BIG step back.  Wow, that was not fun.  I left without swimwear.  Maybe I will just wear my crappy maternity suit that I wore to swim laps at the Y.  The dress I ended up with is basically a black beach cover up but I think I can make it work with some stand out shoes and jewelry.  I am kind of looking forward to wearing heels again.  And I can even reach my own toes to paint them!  I am so glad I am not pregnant anymore.  At least for now. 

One positive note about Old Navy and at TJ Maxx I was ushered directly into the big handicap accessible dressing room.  That was pretty nice!

A few pictures...

This was taken during a mini fuss fest but it is funny because he looks like he is smiling and winking. 

Justin pulled up his socks to look like baby tube socks!  They just need some baseball stripes!

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