Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Birthday Buddies

Little Benjamin Dennis is not the only person in our family to be born on March 7...
My Great Grandmother Wilhelmina (always known casually as Mina) is my dad's mom's mom.  She was born on March 7, 1897.  She died in February of 1986.  She was a very beloved grandmother to her large family.  My dad has good memories of spending time with her has a child.  Once, she took care of him when he was sick and to pass the time she taught him how to knit!  With knitting needles!  He still has the hat that he made.  

I am not sure when this photo was taken (Looks like late 70's to me!).  It was probably for a church directory or something.  It's a nice photo, I think!  It is nice to be able to see what people looked like even if you can't remember them. 

There she is with me on my baptism day!  Nice perm, mother! 

I love this picture.  This was taken at the nursing home.  I am guessing it was probably one of the last times we saw her since we didn't live near the family when I was young.  That poor woman probably weighs about the same as my fat sister in this picture! 

The other March 7th buddy that Benjamin has is Justin's cousin, Ryan. 

They grew up as best friends, sharing their love of everything having to do with the outdoors and farming.  Justin lived in Grand Forks but would spend lots of weekends at the farm with Ryan.  He was the best man in our wedding.  He was born in 1983, like us! 

Ben had a doctors appointment this morning.  He has gained 4 oz. which I thought seemed mediocre but the doctor said they should gain about an ounce a day after leaving the hospital which was three days ago so he is up an ounce!  I am so relieved that my nursing has been enough for him.  It is crazy how much you can worry about such small amounts as ounces...think of it...it is like taking a shot glass full of water and dumping it on the floor...that is an ounce.  It is like nothing!  Babies...they make us crazy...

A few phone uploads...

This is the typical diaper/clothing changing scene.  We have a fleece pad for that changing table but I am waiting to put it on until I get better at changing and can manage not to smear you know what everywhere. He is about to bust out of that newborn sized onesie.  I am trying to get each newborn thing worn at least once because it is so fleeting.  Even the arms are getting tight!

Here he is this morning, ready to go to the doctor!  It was his first outing since coming home besides me carrying him around outside the house so I put a real outfit on him instead of just a onesie.  He wasn't sure about wearing pants!  That blur is his legs bicycling at a frantic rate...also a common occurence. 

He slept through most of the experience except the actual exam.  The pediatrician's office is attached to the hospital which is on a busy downtown street.  We were waiting at a crosswalk and traffic was zooming by and a huge delivery truck that was deafeningly loud passed 3 feet in front of us and he didn't wake up.  (I just had a flashback to the movie "Mr. Holland's Opus" when they realize their son is deaf at a loud parade...I don't think Ben is deaf!  He reacts to our voices!  Thank God!)  But he is awake all the time at night.  Sigh...

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Dana said...

Newborns are tough, but I think they get better with each week as they get used to their "new world." Oh, and the blowouts don't get much better so don't plan on putting that changing pad cover on for at least 6 more months ;). Glad you have joined the ranks of mommy madness!