Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer Scenes

If you drive into the country it seems like lilacs are blooming everywhere!  I love them.  I love how they smell so good and the different shades of purple are so beautiful.  At my parents' house there is a big row of lilac bushes that I was able to enjoy over the weekend. 

The only drawback of this foliage is that it is infested with bees.  I understand, I guess...if I were a bee I wouldn't be able to resist those flowers either!  

 That is quite a row!  Most of the individual bushes in the row have purple flowers in two different shades, but...

There are a few oddballs in there that have white blooms!  They smell just as nice!

Since the weather has been horrendously crappy throughout the months of April and May the spring planting season has been very delayed but it is finally underway. 

 That is one long planter!  It has three sections.  The one I remember only had two.  Farm machinery gets larger all the time!  That is Justin in the picture. 

Pete and Justin are filling my dad in on their progress.

Here is a photo of the pillow I made to match my mom's quilt!  I love it!  It is very well done, I have to say! 

I don't know what my next sewing project will be.  I am not going to jump into anything else right away because it seems wrong to be sitting in the basement sewing in the evenings when I could be enjoying the precious days of summer!

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