Thursday, June 9, 2011

Grandma D's 80!

Both of my grandmothers turn 80 this year.  Even more coincidental, they were born within days of each other.  They also got married the same year (1954) within weeks of each other.  They both came from large families and grew up on farms.  They never met until my parents got married but they sure have a lot in common!  My grandma Dorothy's birthday was yesterday so she gets the first post.  

This is a famous family photo because it is the first known photo of Dorothy!  She was the 6th child of 7 and this was a school photograph from when she was in 1st grade.  As she grew up her hair was dark brown so it is strange to see her as a blonde!  Also, she is unusual in our family because she has dark brown eyes.  All three of her children and all nine grandchildren have blue eyes.  I guess they are not that recessive... a random interesting fact that connects us...when she was 10 Grandma had to have her appendix removed like I did in 2007.  I was in the hospital for one night.  She had to stay in the hospital for 10 days! 

This is so cute...the little girl is my dad's older cousin.  Dorothy was an aunt when she was young. 

I imagine this was a high school photo.  I love that neclace.  Old headshots like this are so glamourous compared to the outlandish Senior portraits that are customary now.

I don't know where this was taken but I think it is a neat photo!  I love the little kerchief she is wearing around her neck!  That rolled pants look is common in older photos of both of the grandmothers.  Very cute. 

That is Grandma and her brother.  I am not sure which one, unfortunately!  I like that dress and the shoes as well. 

Another silly mystery photo! 

 Wedding day!  My grandparents had a lovely 1950's wedding, complete with the luxury of a professional photographer. 

This photo makes me laugh because it really gives you a feel for Grandma's outgoing personality!  She has always enjoyed performing.  She has acted in many community theatre productions and sang in the choir at church for years.  She has a low alto voice, just like me!  She also taught herself to play piano, and was always fascinated by how I could play classical tunes with complicated runs of notes.  She never mastered those techniques because she learned from playing music from hymnals. 

Oh...then there was this famous performance that was widely publicized!  It was a parade act to commemorate a centennial celebration in the 80's.  Grandma is in middle. 

 Awwww...there are the grandchildren!  That is me in Grandma's lap, Kara in the middle, and Greg on the right.  Greg and I match!  So cute!  Haha.  And...the first great grandchild will be arriving any day now!  Greg and his wife Lindsay are expecting a boy!

Grandma was very excited for our wedding and unfortunately discovered that she had cancer in the months preceding it.  Fortunately, the cancer is in remission and it has been almost four years!  She had to miss my family bridal shower because she was in the hospital and it was really sad for everyone.  She was very glad to be able to attend the wedding and she came to the rehearsal at church and I remember her sitting in a pew toward the back, quietly crying just from seeing us go through the motions!  It was very sweet.  Since then (2007) she has seen three more grandchildren get married, three graduate from college, one graduate from grad school, and two graduate from high school.  You know, I can't even keep track of what all of us have done and when it happened...sorry if I missed anyone! 

The grandsons, Greg and Pete the bean pole!

The coindidentally color coordinated granddaughters!

Happy 80th Grandma!  80 years is a long time!  I will remember you for being generous and for letting us grandchildren get away with alot of nonsense!  Also, I will remember staying at your house as a teenager when I had to stay home from a family trip because of my job and you let me stay up late and we would buy ice cream treats every night and watch late night TV!

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