Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Fat Boy!

It is my little buddy's birthday today!  Allan is two years old.  We know his birthday because he was born at the Humane Society.  I am sad because he is alone today...Justin is gone overnight and I am in Fargo.  Poor kitten!  I know he doesn't know it is his birthday anyway but stil...!

He is such a chubby kitten!  He always gets into my business when I am working on a sewing project!

Mr. Roly Poly!

I tool this photo last year on his birthday with that stupid little hat that he hated.  This picture was a lucky shot because that hat didn't stay on his head for more than two seconds at a time! 

What a nice summer day it was almost impossible!  The city pools are opened now and I heard people around my office building talking to their kids on the phone at breaks reminding them about what they had to do before they went to the pool.  I used to work as a lifeguard and I still feel nostalgic for those days even though dealing with all those kids and complaining parents every day used to drive me crazy.  What could be better than working outside all day and being able to swim all the time?  Not to mention, all my co-workers were also my peers, fellow high school and college students, and we carried on and acted like ourselves without a worry about being professional or our future career goals. Ahhh, I am afraid that summer will never be the same and I wish I appreciated it more when I was living those carefree, friend filled days! 

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