Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Motherrrr!

My mother's birthday is tomorrow...I will say she is going to be in her early 50's!  Haha.  She already got a present from me...this quilt!

It is so pretty...the fabric is by the designer Denyse Schmidt, who recently designed a line of fabrics for Jo-Ann Fabrics. 

The back!  That pattern is one of my favorites from the line. 

I tried something new with this quilt!  I made the binding out of various fabrics instead of one! 

She loved it.  She sent me this picture message a few days ago of how it is now displayed prominently.  She requested matching throw pillows which I have been working on!  I am glad she likes it.  I was remembering a gift I gave her when I was really young earlier today...when I was probably 4 or 5 years old my dad took us shopping to buy her presents and I picked out a hairbrush that had a hollow handle and a sprintzer on the end so you could fill it with water or hairspray.  She had recieved many mediocre gifts over the years so I am glad I was able to do something impressive! 

Awww...who is that beefy looking baby?  She and her siblings tended to be huge babies hovering around the 10 lb. mark at birth.  I love those chins. So cute. 

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