Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Scenes on the Farm

I visited the farm this week and was not surprised to find the creek that usually looks like a little a little trickle mostly hidden by cattails and other plants (if there is water in there at all) swollen to the size of the Missourri River.  This was not shocking because this happens almost every year in the spring.  It is quite a sight to see the surrounding fields engulfed.  It never reaches the house or any farm building so it doesn't really bother us or anyone else. 

Although I have seen this sight before I couldn't resist taking a few pictures. 

 There are sometimes ducks and other water loving animals swimming in there, and as I was walking along the driveway I saw a big, black, shiny animal moving ahead of me!

 It was a muscrat, and I wasn't sure what to think.  I couldn't remember what I knew about them but I thought they might be mean (I was thinking of badgers).  Wally stopped and stared for a minute and decided he was going to chase it. 

He was too slow.  The Muscrat slid into the water and resurfaced out in the middle!  Poor Wal tried to swim after it but it kept diving under the water and he could't see where it was.

It was OK though, because he loves water!  That water is probably freezing cold but he jumped in a few more times after the first time!  He likes this time of year!

My dad's new shop is coming together.  He is finishing the interior himself and I know he wishes he had more time to work on it! 

As you can see, the yard becomes a terrible mudhole when the snow melts.  A carwash is a laughable idea around that place!  It makes me appreciate my nice little paved driveway!

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