Monday, April 25, 2011


Spring is finally arriving (too late for my liking!).  Today was so beautiful that I actually went RUNNING because I wanted to be outside so bad.  Days like this make me nostalgic for those carefree spring days I spent in college.  All the fraternities' living room furniture would suddenly be out on the front lawn and my housemates and myself would bring blankets outside and lay in the sun with books and binders of notes and act like we were studying. I don't know why we brought the books out in the first place!  It was the most unproductive but enjoyeable study time I can remember experiencing.  And, weekend or weekday, there was always drinks at night!

I am glad it was kind of spring-like for Easter.  Every year it is cold on Easter around here.  I always celebrate by wearing a dress and shoes that are inappropriate for the weather and freeze on the way to church.  At least there was no snow this year!  We had a nice Easter weekend.  On Saturday we went to a birthday party for our nephew Jack, who just turned one. 

 There he is, destroying his cupcake!

Present time!  Typical kid chaos...

That's cousin Cayson who turned one in January.  He is running all over now and loves to throw balls and sneak drinks of soda!  There was mini golf at the hotel and the little guys loved it.  

On Saturday night we went to Justin's parents' house in Grand Forks and got to help the Easter Bunny fill eggs with candy and hide them around the house!  I was in a candy gluttony by Sunday afternoon. 

Those eggs you see are just the beginning!  There was a whole grocery bag full of smaller ones as well. 

We are so sneaky!  Sorry this picture is sideways...I thought I had rotated it but it must not have saved.

We took a picture with Jack after church!  He wouldn't stop staring at us to look at the camera.  I think this picture is really cute so I posted it even though my arm looks really big.  Side-arm is the worst. 

I love this photo!  Older cousin Dylan wanted to hold Jack but Jack wasn't having any of that baby business! 

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