Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back to Big Sky...

Yeah...I wish!  I now have a reminder of Big Sky that I can see all the time!  It is like a souvenir except more tasteful and timeless!  When I was there this spring I bought a vintage poster (well, it is a vintage looking poster!  Big Sky opened in 1973 and Moonlight Basin opened within the last ten years so there are no true vintage posters advertising them...).  I had it framed and it was worth it!

I love the colors in the poster and the mattes I chose look perfect.  The expanse of wall behind that chair was one of our last undecorated areas and I am glad I waited until I had the perfect item to hang there. 

 Speaking of Big Sky, I never mentioned before that we had a professional photo taken!  There are photographers on certain runs at certain times every day and you can ski by as they take action shots or stop and take a group photo.  In all the years we have been there we have only ordered photos once and that was when I was 14.  Every year my aunt wants to do it and we never do because it is hard to assemble everyone.  This year we got it done!  Finally!  The pictures are excellent but WAY overpriced.  Since our last order in the 90's the system has become modern and you can order the pictures on a cd to share (for a high price!).  It was nice to be able to print and share as we wished. 

 I dread outdoor photos like this because my eyes cannot take bright sunlight and I can barely keep my eyes open with out protection.  It was rather overcast but with all the snow it was still way too bright for my liking.  My dad and my brother have this issue also and you can see that most people in the photo are all struggling to look normal without frying their corneas and going blind. The photographer had to count to three so we could force our eyes open right when he snapped the photo.  Pete decided that keeping his goggles on was a better option and I should have done the same. 

Awww see you next year Big Sky!

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