Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super/Puppy Bowl

The Superbowl just wrapped up.  It turned out to be an exciting game accompanied by the usual nonsense to talk about (such as Christina Aguilara messing up the lyrics to the National Anthem).  I didn't really care who won but in the interest of not being wishy washy I declared myself a Steelers fan because I like Matt Spaeth, a tight end for the Steelers.  The reason he stands out to me at all is because he is from Minnesota, which is kind of close to here, and because his uncle played football with my dad in college in the 70's.  That's it.  That's how I pick players I like (recall my devotion to Chris Long.  I initially became interested in his career when I saw him on the draft and thought he was attractive). However, I don't mind that the Packers won because I like when teams from the Midwest are successful. 

The commercials were, in my opinion, not very memorable.  Actually, I can't even remember one I feel like mentioning.  In the category of more serious and patriotic commercials I kind of liked the Chrysler one that featured Eminem and Detroit.  As far as humorous ones, I didn't really laugh that much at any of them but I giggled at the one where the dogs were hosting a party.  Sadly, it took me a second to remember the product (Bud Light) so that must mean it wasn't the best advertisement! 

We turned away from the main event for a few minutes to watch the Animal Planet Puppy Bowl.  It was pretty cute, of course.  My favorite puppy was this one...

His name is Two Face!  I looked up the puppies on the Animal Planet website and discovered that he is a mutt.  Further searching lead me to animal adoption site blog that talked about Two Face's past (all the puppies featured are from shelters).  When his mom was carrying him and the rest of the litter she was kicked and injured ended up with an injured pelvis.  Poor dog!  People can be such A$$holes!  I'd like to kick whoever did that to a pregnant dog in the pelvis...or maybe whack them with a baseball bat in the pelvis and see how they like it!   Whatever his past may be, he sure is cute!  And, according to the puppy bowl footage, pretty lazy!

I also liked this one...

River is his name.  So cute! 

Well, I will miss the NFL but now it's on to baseball season I guess...
Check out the Chris Long tshirt Justin ordered me for Christmas!  Wearing it occasionally will sustain me until the NFL returns!

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