Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lesson Learned

Recently I have been trying to face something I have been avoiding.  I have not printed photographs from my digital camera in almost three years.  THREE YEARS!  The instant gratification of digital photos mixed with the mounting cost to develop as the pictures accumulate has caused me to avoid printing photos for three years.  I haven't printed photos from my law school graduation party, my sister's wedding, three of my cousins' weddings, two trips to Mexico, two ski trips, three seasons of tailgating, and countless other fun moments.  I have no physical copies of photos of our house or Allan.  In Fall of 2009 my crappy old computer from law school crashed in such a violent way that I wasn't able to rescue the photos saved on there so I have been trying to salvage the lost photos from albums I made on Facebook (it is a relief to have them!). 

A few weeks ago I showed off the notecards I got for free from Shutterfly that featured Allan...I actually mentioned that on here to begin with because when I ordered the cards, I received on offer from the website awarding members with a $25 gift certificate if someone were to send Shutterfly a link to a personal blog or website that mentioned Shutterfly.  I did, and I got the $25!  That is what inspired me to try to get this photo mess under control. 

Wow, it is a huge disaster.  It is like the drawer full of photos at my parents' house that have built up over the years after my mom gave up her valiant efforts to organize our family photos in albums.  Post 1990 it is a bust and they are a jumble.  However, I would prefer a jumble of physical copies than files and folders of digital copies, some only exsiting on Facebook!  Ughh what a mess! The process of uploading them is going to take hours.  I vow that I will never let my photo situation get this out of control again!  Don't do what I have done!

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