Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day IV

Yesterday was my 4th Mother's Day as a mother!  Justin surprised me with a window picture frame made from an old granary window from my parents' farm.  There were a few old window panes from the little building that was formerly the shop.  In the old days it was a granary.  You can still see the evidence in the concrete of the floor.   A few years ago I made a jewelry holder out of one of the matches.  To start, it was white, covered in peeling paint and caked with dust.  The glass was cloudy.  Now it has shiny new glass and dark stain and some 8x10 mattes. 

I already ordered the 8x10s!

Here are my flowers.  The little bee was a hit. 
Speaking of flowers, gardening and planting was on the agenda for the weekend.  Unfortunately the weather was horrible and had the temperature dropped ten degrees we would have been trapped in a raging blizzard all weekend.  There was snow, in fact, that fell in big wet globs the size of ping pong balls but fortunately it didn't accumulate.  When snow wasn't falling rain was and the wind was fierce.  Last week was like summer so we went ahead and disregarded all zone 3/4 (I think we are in zone 4, but barely) gardening advice and bought plants in early May.  So now we have three trays of greenhouse flowers and vegetables living in the kitchen.  Of course the flowers are the focus of a lot of attention from two little kids.  So far, Ben has been gentle with them and this morning he pretended he was shopping for them and pushed them around in the toy shopping cart for awhile.  He is in a "no picture" phase so this was the best one I could get. 
The orange marigolds are his flowers that he picked out at the greenhouse and he loves them.  Whenever we stay home all weekend the house ends up destroyed and we were trapped inside so it's even worse.  I can't even artfully crop the photo to make it look like it's not there!  I have been threatening (only threatening myself because I don't think anyone else cares at all) to put the throw pillows away because they are ALWAYS on the floor and even end up in the kitchen and bathroom but we have nowhere to store them so they just stay on the floor.  Although the superficial clutter is horrifying in this house I promise I do clean.  I am very pleased with myself right now because I cleaned the refrigerator on Friday.  It was so bad and now it looks so good!  That is one horrific occasional chore that I am still happy I did because it is so easy to put last on the priority list.  A can of coke had spilled in there and dripped all the way to the bottom so it was a horrible sight even though I knew it was just harmless, non sticky diet coke.  I remember moving out of a campus apartment in law school and the place was spotless as the resident manager was checking me out and she opened the fridge to reveal that I had forgotten to empty and clean it at all.  I was horrified and she gave me 15 minutes to throw everything into bags and hastily wipe the shelves. 
Here is a tray of flowers hanging out on the metal end table I spray painted last month. 

I guess the sun must have shone for a few seconds based on this picture but I don't remember it happening!
Here is the kitchen table covered in plants!  The sun really brings out the yogurt smears on the table. I thought those were cropped... 

I can't wait to get these in pots and in the garden! 

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