Friday, May 29, 2015

It's A...

Yesterday was the big half-way point that is eagerly anticipated during the early months of pregnancy.  It was ultrasound day!  I know some ladies get multiple early ultrasounds either due to complications or their history or based on the policies of their insurance providers or doctors.  I don't know what those companies are or where those doctors are because I've never had one before 20 weeks.  There is always some anxiety that accompanies an ultrasound because I have read and followed many families on social media who have faced serious health issues and birth defects that were revealed at the ultrasound and I know people in personally as well.  Also, there can be what they call "soft markers" which may indicate chromosomal issues and I have known people who have had these appear in ultrasounds although the baby almost always turns out fine.  But anyway, this stuff has always existed but now I feel like I see it all over the internet so I can't help but worry and I know I'm not alone in feeling this way. 

A friend watched Ben and Tessa for us yesterday morning, which made the whole experience more enjoyable and relaxing than it would have been with them in the room by far.  I started to relax as I saw the fully formed little baby moving around, yawning and clenching it's fists and doing other baby things. The doctor confirmed that everything was fine and I don't even have to have a repeat ultrasound in a month or two like I did with the others.  They were both positioned in a way that was made it hard to see certain organs. 

And, of course the big question...did we find out?  No!  We didn't!  We are not keeping it a secret or anything like that.  We decided to save the surprise for the birth.  This child won't be getting a nursery of their own and we already have plenty of girl and boy items so we will wait for the big moment in October.  It was hard to look away but I think it will be worth it.

When she was printing some still shots the ultrasound technician asked if our older kids understood what was happening and would be interested in the pictures.  I wasn't sure but she printed out an extra still of a foot.  I didn't know if Ben would get it but I was wrong.  He gets it alright. 

He has been carrying these around the house talking about the "baby in your tummy that is still growing and the doctor will help it get out!" nonstop.  Last night I took him shopping for new sandals and he had to bring the foot picture with in the car. 
Here are a few summer fun bonus photos that I have been meaning to share this week.
I have been thinking about getting a water table for awhile.  Ben loves to stand at the sink and pour water between cups and he loves those "water augers" that I posted about a few weeks ago and Tessa loves to play in the bathtub so I know they would like it.  Also, they have hundreds of good reviews online regardless of which brand you look at.  I found a good deal at Kohl's and it came on Wednesday when Tessa was napping.  We had to set it up right away and it was very popular and did what I hoped it would do, which is entertain them for more than five minutes and keep them from trying to run down the hill into the street. It also doesn't involve digging in empty flower pots from last year. 

Of course, Ben was sitting in it almost right away.  I don't understand this.  Whenever we fill a wading pool, which is a huge pain to do, he has always spent most of the time running around and throwing rocks and other debris from around the yard in it.  But he plopped down on this thing in no time. 

Tessa likes it too. 

Last night when Ben and I were shopping Justin took her out to play and it still had water in it from earlier in the afternoon and when I came home she was soaking wet down to her shoes and quite happy about it.

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