Tuesday, May 19, 2015

17th of May Letdown

*Edit edit!  Justin just pointed out to me that I said we had a septic tank issue...I meant sump pump issue.  So that means we had some water in the basement not what would come out of a septic tank!  Big difference!  How's this for a preview?

I had a few posting ideas for the weekend but it all went awry.  In the early hours of Sunday morning I woke up feeling that horrible feeling...like I was going to throw up.  I told myself NO this is not happening.  But it happened...and it happened several more times.  Then I spent the rest of Sunday half asleep while trying to guard my abdominal area from children and cats and Tessa's constant board book assault.  Although by Sunday evening my illness was tapering off I still feel kind of odd today.  And Justin suffered all night Sunday and all of yesterday.  I have no idea where this came from.  I hadn't been sick like that since childhood.  Fortunately, it looks like Ben and Tessa are going to be spared.  THANK GOD because we all know toddlers don't understand the sensation leading up to vomiting all over and the necessity of getting to a toilet or garbage can lined with a plastic bag. 

What I would have posted about is my annual Norway trip reminiscence since it was the 17th of May of Sunday.  I saw in in person in Oslo in 2006 and will never forget it even though I was extremely jet lagged and disoriented. 

I have shared this photo before but it is the sea of umbrellas and people crowding Karl Johan Gate, a major pedestrian street in Oslo, that leads to the Royal Palace.  The palace was right behind me when I took the picture.  It's been nine years and I still remember so many details of that day.  Next year will me ten years since that trip so I will save a major post for then.  Mark your calendars!  Haha...

On Saturday the MOPS group I belong to had a large rummage sale so of course while working at the sale I acquired a few treasures for myself and the kids.  For myself I chose these two old watering cans, which were still waiting to be chosen during the last afternoon hour of the sale. 

I like them because they have a cool vintage feel to them. The yellow one is really cool.  I should have known that they would become the new objects of Ben's affection.  I let him play with them in the bathtub that night, and he named them his "water augers".  Get it?  Like augers on a combine?  He's pretty clever. 
The weekend weather was horrific.  It was even worse than last weekend, which I didn't think was possible.  Had the temperature dropped ten degrees we would have been stranded in a multi-day "Little House on the Prairie" style blizzard.  But instead we just had 3 inches of rain which washed out a lot of soil from behind the rock wall in the backyard and caused a septic tank overflow situation in our utility room which I noticed when Allan tracked muddy paw prints around the house. 
Ben can't wait to get into those dirt piles! 
OK, I have to go thoroughly sanitize the bathrooms now! 

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